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From Becky

I had heard the massive buzz about it but I had no idea what on earth an EeePad transformer was….

Much as I love it and find it totally exciting, the world of technology often confuses me. It’s not really my ‘thing.’ I like art and poetry, my family, good books, conversation and cake. But I do find gadgets (once I know how to work them) to be loads of fun. I am also a blogger and I need to be able to write, skype, photograph and use the internet and social media whilst I am out and about.

I have a little netbook which I often take out  with me. It’s a little bit clunky and heavy and I can’t just whizz it out and look something up like I could the ipad I recently reviewed. But I do like having a keyboard and looking up at my screen and not down which isn’t do-able with an ipad. Hmm, what to do?

Well the GENIUS that is the EeePad transformer has come along to solve my problems.  The EeePad is a tablet (to be used just like an iPad in my opinion, but with extra features.)  But they have also created a docking station for it so you can slide it into its keyboard and convert it to look like a net book …look:

Now I am hugely impressed by this because physically this makes the tablet experience much more comfortable for me. I am very used to having a keyboard and using one. I also have back pain occasionally and I would rather look up than down at a screen. But I can still just take the tablet out and about. The keyboard is also more than just a token extra too, it provides 68 per cent more battery life, a trackpad for mouse support, an SDHC port and two USB ports as well. You definately get the best of both worlds.

I am not the only one to be impressed by this. Initial stock that arrived in UK last week has completely sold out!!

On Amazon new delivery is expected in about 6 weeks and it will retail for £429.99. You will be able to buy the docking station and EeePad seperately if you so wish.

EeePad transformer
Over the next few weeks I will review this product further looking at it’s features, how it fits into mine and my family’s lifestyle and what others think of it. My initial impressions are really positive. It’s cool!
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