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This turned out to be one of the easiest setups I’ve done in a while and, considering the issues I’ve had with Flickr, that is really saying something. Setting Flicrk up on the ASUS O!Play BDS-700 is simple.

To start with go to Internet>>Flickr on the home screen. Use the arrow keys to navigate across to the Login icon at the top of the screen and press OK. Then go to where Flickr will then ask you to allow ASUS access to your account and you’ll be given an authorisation key.

ASUS O!Play BDS-700 media player

Tap this set of numbers into the bar that appears onscreen and press Enter. You don’t need to painstakingly enter in the dashes either. The BDS-700 will then say Welcome! and you have to tap OK.  I do need to point out here that if you log out of Flickr for any reason, your code won’t stay valid. You’ll have to go through the whole process again and get a new code.

This may be a slight down side to the Flickr feature if you have several different accounts from different members of the household. Fortunately, the entire process is really simple so you aren’t going to spend ages redoing it each time.

Once you have entered the world of Flickr on the BDS-700, you can choose between five different options – Explore, Contacts, Favourites, Search and Logout. The last one is pretty self explanatory. With Explore mode you can find images by selecting either Most Recent Uploads or Explore Interesting.

These options take you to all the images on Flickr, not just yours or your contacts. Under Contacts it is pretty obvious – you can view the images of other people who are linked to your account. This is a neat way of sidestepping the code issue above.

Favourites and Search let you locate images you have favourited or hunt for other contacts.

At each point you are able to use the remote control from the ASUS O!Play BDS-700 to add new favourites, select different images, view a slideshow and cycle through the pages. I found that the Explore feature gave me a stunning slideshow of all the cool new images on Flickr and it looked fab. I also used Search to find all images tagged Christmas to add a festive air to the review.

I found Flickr setup very easy and self explanatory and the only time I referred to the guide was to find out about the authentication code. Nice one ASUS.

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