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Laptop of the summer!

It’s getting warmer and there’s even more reason to be out and about. And while certainly getting a tablet is nice, there are times when you just crave true laptop power. Don’t deny yourself this, as the new 14” ASUS U46 shows that light and slender don’t automatically equate with compromised performance.

Not in the slightest. We’ve taken custody of one, and the results are very favorable, as smart engineering and advanced material use result in a laptop that’s as sexy as it is capable.

Summer and tough surfaces...pedal to the metal, anyone?

The first thing you notice are the quality worked metal surfaces used here. They’re tough and durable to withstand anything from al fresco coffee-laced socializing to beachside Wi-Fi, and double up as genuine attention grabbers. Comparing the U46 to your average plastic-encrusted laptop is not very flattering as far as the latter is concerned.

Those ASUS engineers have been at it again, burning the midnight oil to fit as much tech on this unit as possible. Despite weighing in at under 2kg, the U46 sports a standard voltage Sandy Bridge CPU: 2nd gen Intel Core i3, i5 or i7, the spec choice is up to you. These processors differ from the CULV (consumer ultra low voltage) variants you find in netbooks. They’re the fully-fledged versions of the CPU, and therefore deliver more computing power for a faster and more responsive experience. They also handle multitasking and multimedia with ease, so you’ll get more done this summer while commanding the adoration of the masses with your newly-minted metallic U46.

Fingerprints? Never heard of 'em

The new Intel processors help you out in other ways, too, as they’re quite energy efficient so the U46 offers up to ten hours on a single battery charge. This obviously depends on what you use it for, if you do gaming or a lot of HD movie watching it’ll be less, but for internet browsing, social networking and some productivity you can expect to venture away from the confines of wall sockets with confidence.

Slim enough for beach duty

But probably the best thing for a lot of you travel-savvy folks out there will be the slivery side profile of this machine – it’s just 27mm thick so you can effortlessly fit it into almost any bag, carrier, case, sack or otherwise container-like object. Summer’s about freedom, and if you want to move around while retaining considerable performance, the U46 offers a great equilibrium of these design tenets.

Convenient Super-Multi DVD drive and up to 6GB of RAM!

Check it out at your nearest retailer and let us know how you plan to augment your summer plans with a cool new laptop.

Enjoy your summer, everyone!

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