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There are few things as exciting as the evolution of the cloud and digital content. Remember when the only way you could read a newspaper was by going down to the shop with a couple of pennies in your pocket?

Well, now you don’t even have to stir out of bed on Sunday morning if you want to read your paper. Although you might have to get out for that all-important cup of coffee first.

ASUS has just signed a partnership agreement with NewspaperDirect so that they power the news content for ASUS products.  Now, all you have to do is lift up your Eee Pad and access asus@vibe. Hardly a strenuous activity, right?

As of spring this year, ASUS’ online entertainment content platform will offer users access to over 1,800 full-content newspapers. These papers come from 94 countries across the globe and are accessed on

If you’ve never visited PressDisplay before, then do so right now. It is a veritable smorgasbord of newspapery delights. You can pick and choose your news at will, and almost every single top-line newspaper is featured on the site. You can even search for your content using specific keywords, a very handy tool indeed. access will be available on the ASUS Eee Pad tablets at first, and then later on in the year Windows 7-based devices will get to enjoy the same tasty luxury. If you don’t have your Pad yet, then hurry up and get one because this is one humdinger of a partnership.

As yet there isn’t much information on pricing structures or how access will work so stay tuned. I’ll update you the minute I know.

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