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Suddenly the technology behind the hit sci-fi movie, Minority Report, may not be such a fantasy after all. Look, I know there has been loads of awesome tech come out since the movie, much of it very similar in nature, but now we are looking at yet another step further and it was revealed at CES 2011.

You’ve got to admit that CES is just a tech lover’s dream, isn’t it? While some of the gadgets and devices presented at the show may never see the light of day, there is so much innovation that its hard to not get excited. Sure that gadget didn’t make it into the mainstream, but the genius behind it will likely evolve into something even better. That’s the beauty of technology.

So isn’t it exciting when a product is not only fresh and innovative, but also has a due date? You can actually see it sitting beside your PC and gleaming beautifully.

Last year Microsoft hoovered up the contents of people’s wallets when they launched the Kinect. They sold millions of units within the first month of its release, and it continues to gain in both popularity and respect as time goes by. In short, it was a huge success for the Xbox 360.

But what of us PC users? What about those of us who fail to see the joy of the console and wish to remain true to our PCs? Well, ASUS and PrimeSense have been secretly collaborating on bringing the wave (geddit?) of the future to the PC.

Their accessory, the WAVI Xtion, is due to come out later on in 2011 and is designed to let you use gestures for surfing the web, check social networks, and control videos on your PC. Whether you are communicating through your monitor or your TV, the WAVI Xtion will allow you to thumb through your screen like a Tom Cruise from the future.

While you won’t be doing it on swanky see-through screens that flash dramatically and look intimidating, you will be able to relax back in your chair and enjoy some casual flicking through the internet by dint of subtle finger movements.

The idea is incredibly exciting. I love the idea of being able to dump the mouse and keyboard for a few precious hours each day, and I adore the idea of looking supremely geeky chic while I do so. How can this not make geeks drool with excitement, I ask you?

I have to admit, though, that the headline from PC & Tech Authority was the best – “Not drowning, waving.”

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