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At the recent annual Gadget Awards 2011, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer was given the top honours by winning not one but two top prizes: Gadget of the Year and Design of the Year!

Eee Pad Transformer Winner!

Eee Pad Transformer Wins Gadget of the Year and Design of the Year awards at Gadget Awards 2011!

The Stuff Gadget Awards 2011 is an annual event which honors the best gadgets on the market today; and with the Eee Pad Transformer beating out notable names in the tablet market, it speaks volumes about the ingenuity of the product.

I guess it is safe to say that the Transformer really did hit the sweet spot, as many reviewers gave the thumbs up for the design and specification, while our own summer bloggers had plenty to say on the subject as well.

Lest we also remind you about what other review sites had to say about the Eee Pad Transformer too: TechRadar, CNET, Engadget.

Looking back now, since the Eee Pad Transformer bagged two major awards; we can’t help but wonder about the upcoming Transformer Prime. Will it live up to its predecessor? The bar is set pretty high. Let us know your thoughts below or on the Techinstyle Facebook page.

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