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It seems that people can’t help but react to my Asus EeePad. It’s so unusual I suppose.

From techy friends who know how unique it is:

Oh that is wasted on you, you only blog and tweet!  – charming

How on earth did you get one of them you can’t get them for love or money? (I do feel exclusive but they are now expected back in the UK very soon)


OMG, you have an Eee Pad you are so, so lucky (I agree!)

Non-techie friends have said the following:

That. Is .So. Cool. (when I do my party trick and turn it into a net book by placing the tablet in the docking station)

It looks gorgeous, very sleek.

Oh, now that’s brilliant (when I do the portrait/ landscape turn around jig).

My son’s reaction:

(I have also never had an iPhone or iPad)

Mum this is amazing can I keep it? You already have a PC and a netbook. I love it. It will really help with my homework!

(He is 6, he doesn’t have homework but he has become totally obsessed with apps. I didn’t even know what apps really were prior to getting the Eee Pad. Now I know they are sort of gadgets /games/pages I can download – some for free. I also know angry birds is addictiive. He is heavily monitored but I palyed it for 3 hours the other night!)

My daughter’s reaction:

(she is 3)

My Daughter loves the Eee Pad

My Daughter loves the Eee Pad

A: Mummy  can I play on your thingy

Me: What thingy?

A: Mummy your thingy with the slidy letters.You know mummy the one I can do with my finger.

Me: Do you mean the Eee pad

A: No, I mean the magic thingy mummy.

My hubby’s reaction:

(IT consultant)

Lovely piece of kit. Very useful. Solves the problem for those who prefer traditional keyboards but need a tablet when out and about.

My reaction:

I love it! I love that I can film with it and photograph with it,  read with it, play games on it, blog on it, tweet on it, carry it around, entertain my kids, etc etc etc.  I think it’s fab!

Do you want one?

There are a few bloggers trialling these Eee Pad’s. If you comment on one of the featured blog posts you will be entered into a draw to win one during May. Take a look here for more details. Its ABSOLUTELY worth it! Seriously just leave me a comment below!

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