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Eee pad transformerIt has been a few weeks since the launch of the Eee Pad Transformer and the reviews are coming in thick and fast. Initially it was met with some scepticism. Was it going to match the market leader? What is that dock all about?

Well, those who have sat down with this pad and used it are now coming up with their thoughts, and these thoughts are overwhelmingly positive. Running the Android Honeycomb OS and packed with a tight knit of excellent features, the Eee Pad Transformer has a lot to offer every kind of user.

PC World has said that the Transformer has a lot to offer in both the productivity and entertainment spheres and that the pricing is spot on. Certainly the Transformer does present plenty of features that a business user will find incredibly helpful and versatile, it isn’t just a fun gadget to play with when you’re bored.

I’ve managed to get some heavy time in with an Eee Pad Transformer lately and I have been more than pleasantly impressed. The layout and design are a big mark in its favour. There are few things I dislike more than having to hunt things down or spend ages trying to figure out how something works. I don’t have the time for that sort of challenge. I want technology that just “works”.

Happily that’s exactly what the Transformer does. It works. From accessing and updating my Google Calendar (and allowing me to lock these updates onto the home screen) to writing documents and sending emails, the entire experience has been pretty seamless.

I also appreciate the fact that the screen isn’t rendered completely useless outdoors.

An article that neatly sums up many of the superb features of the Eee Pad Transformer experience for me is one written by Steve Tilley on the Toronto Sun. Although his conclusion is not really the same as mine, I can do without the extra apps for now. The wait will be worth it.

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