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Building on last year’s highly chromed NX90, the new N55 might offer less bling but it still keeps the ethos of the sleek mirrored styling, as it was also put to paper by Bang & Olfusen master designer, David Lewis. Suds originally covered some background on it a  few months ago, but now finally we have one in our hands! This one is piano black, but there’s also an arctic white version available too. The N55SF is dropping into stores this month worldwide (already in many regions) and if you’re interested; here’s what you’ll be buying:

N55SF unboxing

Where's my box cutter?

Opening it up and everything is kept clean under cloth covers:

N55SF SonicMaster subwoofer

The SonicMaster subwoofer comes neatly packed

Unwrapping the subwoofer above presents the real thing below. The large bass chamber sits above the speaker, which itself points towards the desk so it will deflect sound in all directions. Within its detachable base the connector jack is neatly stored, making it easily portable. This jack plugs into the dedicated subwoofer port on the N55SF that separates the low frequency sound, specifically for the subwoofer to handle, while the inbuilt Bang & Olufsen ICEPower speakers on the laptop handle the middle and upper tones.

Open it up and there’s a bit more plastic wrap to go around the display, while the keyboard cloth stops the two halves rubbing together during transport.

N55SF wrapped

Time to get unwrapped! The large sticker on the left won't appear on retail models.

And some close-ups:

Aluminium grilled:

Bang & Olufsen ICEPowered

Bang & Olufsen ICEPowered

The display edge is ‘U’ shaped and aluminium lined so it’s easily gripped and looks lovely.


What is it about unwrapping stuff that's so satisfying?

We’ll have more N55SF articles coming very soon – but in the meantime let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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