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This morning ASUS revealed their CeBIT portfolio and there are some fantastic gaming products ready to be ogled and adored. To start with their B3 revision motherboards have been updated and are ready for takeoff.

The B3 revision models are packed with excellent features including the second-generation Dual Intelligent Processors 2 architecture that has been reinforced with DIGI+ VRM digital power controls. These offer digital voltage regulation and users get an extraordinary amount of control over their PCs and how they want to fine-tune and tweak them.

ASUS has always been very focused on making sure that customers are empowered by their products so these levels of innovation should come as no surprise.

Other features to expect from the B3 revision motherboards are the ASUS EFI BIOS, BT GO!, that includes seven Bluetooth modes in one interface, thermal protection and plenty more. Take a gander at their CeBIT 2011 portfolio pages to find out more.

The completely awesome ASUS WAVI Xtion that I’ve spoken about before is making its debut at CeBIT 2011 and looks set to put the PC firmly back in the public eye. The WAVI XTION is a wireless media streaming device and motion sensor all in one that gives you infrared gesture-based multimedia playback, games and applications.

This is the first ever officially supported motion-sensing PC interface and will work as effectively on your TV as it does on your PC. Hear that loud cackling? That’s me sniggering at the smug console owners who thought that this technology would be theirs alone.

Another firm favourite for me, obviously, is the range of tablet computers that ASUS is going to present at CeBIT 2011. We’ve seen the hints and whispers, we’ve touched some of the first tablets to be shown to the world, and now ASUS have done live demonstrations of their capabilities. The tablet revolution (or is that evolution?) has begun.

The Eee Slate EP121, Eee Pad Transformer, Eee Pad Slider and Eee Pad MeMO are being put through their paces in Germany and its very interesting to see how they all relate to different users and requirements.

This is a very exciting year for gamers and tech lovers and this line-up definitely proves that. I’ll keep you posted as we go through the halls of CeBIT 2011.

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