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Everything you needed to know about ROG motherboards, summed up by ROG head honcho Kris Huang.

The Tech in Style crew recently had the privilege of visiting the ASUS headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, and one of the highlights of the trip was being invited to take a peek into the goings-on inside the usually-secretive ROG lab.

Given that we had a flight home to catch that very afternoon, however, we couldn’t dawdle. Thankfully, we managed to catch ROG team lead Kris Huang, whom we posed with the tough task of filling us in on the latest developments in the world of ROG motherboards… in under 20 minutes. He gamely obliged.

A walkthrough of ROG Connect’s key features


The top-end components used on ROG motherboards

Wireless overclocking with RC Bluetooth

Flashing the BIOS with one button push

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