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Two new EeeBox PCs provide the latest in home entertainment

Home entertainment doesn’t have to involve masses of hardware under the TV. With the new ASUS EeeBox PC EB1012 and EB1501, you don’t even need to see the source of your high-definition content.

The latest models in the innovative ASUS EeeBox range of compact computers, the EeeBox PC EB1012 and EB1501, use the very latest energy-efficient components to deliver new levels of performance with very little power consumption. Their new Intel® Atom™ N330 processor,processors are dual-core for enhanced multi-tasking capability, and NVIDIA® ION™ graphics make both models ideal for entertainment applications.

Despite being little bigger than a couple of DVD movie cases, both models support full 1080p video playback for superlative image quality on HD displays. This extra power doesn’t come at the expense of extra energy consumption, though — ASUS Super Hybrid Engine technology, together with the power-efficient Intel® Atom™ N330 processor, mean that the EeeBox PC EB1012 and EB1501 use up to 70% less electricity than a typical desktop PC, making them friendly to the environment and your pocket.

ASUS TotalMedia Center

ASUS TotalMedia Center

So, the new ASUS EeeBox PC EB1012 and EB1501 are compact, capable and can cut your fuel bills — welcome to the next generation of home-entertainment technology.


The ASUS EeeBox PC EB1012 and EB1501’s dual-core Intel® Atom™ 330 processors are around 20% faster than the Intel® Atom™ N230. Both models still only use around one-fifth of the energy of a traditional desktop PC.


Connect an HD-ready display to the onboard HDMI port and enjoy full 1080p HD video playback, thanks to the powerful NVIDIA® ION™ graphics. ASUS TotalMedia Center lets you manage your media from your armchair.


Now do even more thanks to the addition of a slot-loading DVD writer on the EB1501 model. The slimline drive opens up a whole new world of options — from installing software to ripping music CDs and watching DVD movies.


The compact ASUS EeeBox PC EB1012 and EB1501 are perfect for places where there isn’t room for a desktop PC. The supplied desktop stand has a minimal footprint, or fix one behind a display for an invisible installation.

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