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The 2010 emergency budget has been announced, the recession appears to be growing deeper, and we’re all watching our wallets just in case. It’s definitely a good idea to be budget savvy in these times, I know I’ve been researching all sorts of ways to manage my money better, but it doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of new technology.

Here are seven ways you can save money and get your technology for less, without compromising on quality and performance.

1. Get to know vouchers. Voucher codes have been around for a long time but the recession has seen these come into their own. By dint of a search engine, some patience, and a bit of online research, you can get yourself some tidy discounts on the tech you desire. Get to know sites like Hot UK Deals, or, and consider registering with ASUS so you get emailed their latest voucher offers without having to lift a finger.

2. Study your niche. Whether you want a new motherboard or a new laptop or just a new tech solution, reviews are your friend. If you already have a trusted source of technology reviews, visit their site or get their magazine and read reviews about the products you want. Let the experts tell you the good points and bad points and save you the hassle of finding out the hard way.

3. Visit comparison sites. They’re everywhere, these crazy comparison sites, and they are actually very handy. It can be a little daunting at first, when a ton of sites and ideas appear on your screen, so it’s advisable that you use a comparison site after you’ve already decided which brand and model you want to buy.

4. Find a deal. Websites that focus on finding deals are springing up all over the place and they are a treasure trove for the savvy tech shopper. is a part of the Hot UK Deals network and focuses on gaming deals, you’ll also find tech deals on the parent site. Consider Money Saving Expert as another site to bookmark in your hunt for great tech deals, and too.

5. Learn to barter. Our ancestors did it and now it’s time for us to learn from their brilliance. Instead of paying for tech support why not do a barter with a mate or family member who’s a genius at technology? They can come around and fix whatever drama your computer has thrown at you, or install new tech for you, and you can use your unique skills to help them out in return. It may sound crazy but give it a bash, you never know, they may have been desperate to ask your help to fix their car, or knit them a jersey, or look after their kids.

6. Need office software? If your budget only stretches to either an awesome laptop without office software, or an average one with office software, consider an open source alternative. Open Office and Google Docs both offer plenty of office applications and accessories for free.

7. Leap into the clouds. If you can’t stretch to a new hard drive right this minute, why not consider online storage for free, or for a massively reduced price? If you have hundreds of gig to store then this won’t be an alternative, and a hard drive will be the more cost-effective solution, but for a couple of gig here and there, this is a brilliant option. Use your hard earned cash to get a new piece of much wanted tech instead.

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