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ASUS has achieved another world first by becoming the initial launch partner of NVIDIA, integrating the graphics company’s incredible new Optimus technology into its latest range of laptops.

NVIDIA’s Optimus is a cutting-edge technology that intelligently monitors applications as they are launched, switching between integrated and discrete graphics hardware as appropriate.

As ASUS’ newest N-series and U30Jc notebooks are the first to include Optimus technology they will be ahead of the crowd in offering a great balance between performance and battery life.

The Optimus technology works totally automatically, with no need to manually configure settings. This mean owners of ASUS laptops are assured the best experience at all times whether watching surfing the web, playing the latest games or sitting back to enjoy an HD movie.

Good news for ASUS K-series fans, too — the range will be updated to include models with NVIDIA Optimus technology very soon.

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