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Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and it’s widely used for everything from buildings to clothing. ASUS first investigated its viability as a replacement for plastic in laptop cases with the EcoBook concept in 2007 and the U6V Bamboo the following year, and this year sees the launch of an exciting new laptop made from this environmentally friendly manufacturing material.

The new ASUS U Series Bamboo Collection has been designed from start to have as small an environmental impact as possible. The use of bamboo for the lid and other areas of the case not only imparts each model with a beautiful, natural finish that’s as unique as a fingerprint, but it also reduces the amount of plastic used to produce each laptop by up to 20%.

ASUS doesn’t only use bamboo for the case on the U Series Bamboo Collection — bamboo pulp is also used as recyclable substitute for synthetic packaging materials.

The switch from printer to electronic manuals also helps eliminate paper waste, while innovations like ASUS Smart33 Technology reduces energy consumption in day-to-day laptop use, leading to a corresponding cut in the U Series Bamboo Collection’s carbon footprint.

ASUS is firmly committed to social responsibility for its manufacturing practices and established the GreenASUS initiative in 2000 in order to implement strict environmental standards across its entire operation. ASUS also introduced its “Four Green Home Runs” strategy in 2008 as a way to help develop more environmentally friendly products for everyone.

You can read more about ASUS’s green strategy at the GreenASUS site.

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